• 14 MAY 24
    Employee Spotlight: Scott Beard, MD, FACOG, FPMRS

    Employee Spotlight: Scott Beard, MD, FACOG, FPMRS

    Artesia General Hospital recently welcomed Scott Beard, MD, FACOG, FPMRS to provide urogynecology services as part of our growing commitment to Women’s Services.

    Dr. Beard treats a wide range of pelvic floor and gynecologic conditions—always with a highly-personalized approach. We sat down with him to learn more about the care he provides, why it’s so important to prioritize pelvic health, what to expect during a visit with his team and more.

    What makes urogynecology unique as a sub-specialty?
    There’s a lot of overlap with urology and gynecology, respectively, but urogynecology essentially combines them into one. A patient can come to me to treat all of their pelvic health and gynecologic conditions, without needing separate providers and appointments.

    What inspired you to pursue urogynecology?
    Most urogynecologists practice in urban or larger suburban areas. Right now, I am the only urogynecologist in rural New Mexico. It’s important to me that patients receive top-notch care right within their small communities—and that they can access all the services they need with me. That’s what makes urogynecology special: many conditions are related and can be managed together.

    How does a patient know if she should seek care from a urogynecologist?
    If a patient is experiencing bladder or bowel leakage, chronic pelvic pain, prolapse (an organ dropping down), trouble with urination or bowel movements, or the need for expertise in vaginal surgery, those are common signs and symptoms that could warrant a visit.

    What would you tell someone who is feeling embarrassed to seek care?
    You’re not alone! Pelvic floor issues are much more common than you think, and my team has truly seen them all (maybe even that same day). Everyone here is ready to support you and put your mind at ease—it’s a space to share openly, completely free from judgement.

    What factors can increase risk and progression of pelvic floor conditions?
    Age, menopause, childbirth, diet and hygiene practices to name a few—but it’s very important to note that you can make all the right lifestyle choices and still face problems. We’re here to help no matter your circumstances.

    Why is it so important for women to prioritize their pelvic floor health?
    Sometimes, pelvic floor and gynecologic issues can be extremely painful and limiting, making patients feel isolated and embarrassed. Addressing them has both physical and emotional benefits for my patients.

    What can a patient expect from a visit with you and your team?
    We take an elaborate patient history and I thoroughly review their chart. We do a lot of listening. Throughout the visit, privacy and confidentiality are top-of-mind, respecting that any information shared is for our ears only. Depending on the condition, many surgical and non-surgical options are available for treatment. We’re here to inform, educate and make treatment decisions together.

    How do you help your patients feel comfortable and at ease?
    My patients are my partners. And everyone comes to me at different stages of their health journey. I meet them exactly where they are, and make sure they know that we’ll work together to find a solution that makes them feel comfortable and confident. “Are you ready…kinda, sorta?” is one small way of letting them know that however they’re feeling is okay.

    What is the most rewarding part of your job?
    Hearing the words: “That really worked, Dr. Beard.” Many of my patients don’t know their options. So, when we can help them reach a decision and a treatment that works, there’s no better feeling. Even a simple thank you makes my day. When people are active participants in their health care, and are willing to put in the effort, it always reminds me why I do this work.

    What do you like to do for fun outside of work?
    You’ll most likely find me outdoors with my family—skiing, hunting or hiking.

    What words would you use to describe yourself?
    Compassionate, focused and experienced in what I do.

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