Testimonials & Outcomes

Providing the best possible outcome for our patients is our main goal.  In order to continually improve our outcomes, we evaluate each patient on multiple clinical, functional and patient satisfaction criteria.  These results are then analyzed during our monthly improvement team meetings. This process helps us better serve you.

Our services can help reduce or eliminate pain, enhance movement and mobility and improve quality of life by helping you return to your normal activities.



“I had needed hip surgery for several years, but I couldn’t find a doctor willing to do it because my surgery would be much more complicated. So I was living in pain until I was referred to Dr. Wan. He did my total hip replacement surgery at Artesia General Hospital. And to my amazement, everyone in the hospital treated me like family. The nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists, were all there to help me and teach me. I can honestly tell anyone who needs a new hip to get it. Everybody was the best. Thanks.”
– Norma Duran, 4 months after Hip Replacement Surgery


“I was 70 years old when I decided to have a partial knee replacement. Figured I was good for another ten to fifteen years, but the thought of living with excruciating pain made me decide to go ahead with the knee surgery. Dr. Baca, his helpers, and the physical therapy group did an excellent job. I walk a mile four times a week, do yard work, and help around the house now, all Pain Free!”
– Alejandro Fuentez, 4 months post Partial Knee Replacement


“Everything from the first visit with Dr. Wan and his office staff, to the pre-op class informing you about your surgery, to the care and attention received from all of the OR staff before, during and after surgery, to the Nursing staff on the Medical/Surgical Unit, and the Therapy staff was a very positive experience. I was able to give up my walker after 1½ weeks and start using a cane. And after 4 weeks in therapy, I was able to walk without a cane and I was literally pain free!! I went back to work after only 40 days!

Thanks to all for a truly positive experience!”
– Dennis Potter, 6 weeks post Total Hip Replacement


“Wonderful! –with Dr. Baca”
– Gonzalo Perez, 3 months after Total Knee Replacement


“I don’t use a cane or walker 90% of the time now after using it the majority of the time over the past years. I have been able to visit and assist with some of the care of my dear friend who is recovering from a stroke because I have had only mild pain. The experience with Dr. Baca was excellent and I’m very appreciative of all who cared for me.”
– Marilyn Pace, 2 1/2 months since Total Knee Replacement


“My Doctor and the Joint Center pre-op class informed me about my surgery and addressed all of my concerns so I was comfortable going in to surgery. After surgery, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy answered all of my questions and more. I know everyone involved helped me to feel 100%, and made this experience a good one for me and I will always remember the extra special care I received.

And I will definitely Never regret having this surgery done. Thank you to All.”
– Scott Phillips, almost 2 months after Partial Knee Replacement


Patient Outcomes

Why Do Patients Choose Artesia General Hospital?

Joint Replacement Surgery Results


Our patient satisfaction scores are OUTSTANDING when compared to other hospitals in our state.

Overall Satisfaction

Artesia General Hospital: 75%
New Mexico: 66%
National Average: 73%

Definitely Recommend

Artesia General Hospital: 75%
New Mexico: 66%
National Average: 72%


Our patients leave the hospital SOONER, and more go directly HOME vs. a rehab facility.

Number of Days in the Hospital

Artesia General Hospital: 1.54
New Mexico: 2.8
National Average: 2.7

Percentage of Patients That Go Directly Home

Artesia General Hospital: 94%
New Mexico: 74%
National Average: 71%


Our rate of complications related to surgery is LOW (including infection, blood clots, severe bruising).

In Hospital

Artesia General Hospital: 0.0%
National Average: 0.55%

Within 30 Days

Artesia General Hospital: 1.36%
National Average: 2.53%

Our Hospital data is based on hip and knee surgeries performed during April 2018 – March 2019.

National averages and state averages data are based on the Marshall|Steele surveys collected from patients at post-operative office visits, hospital reported data in Marshall|Steele database, and Medicare and Commercial insurance claims. Underlying Work© 2013, Stryker Performance Solutions. All rights Reserved. Modifications © 2015. 2015-06v1

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