To help comfort and support you or a loved one through your healthcare journey, Artesia General Hospital offers a volunteer-led prayer ministry by request.

Rm453 Ministry was founded by Terry Todd after his 10-night stay fighting COVID in November 2020. Despite severe symptoms and the isolation of quarantine, Terry recounts that the prayers of his family and church provided strength to fight the disease and gave him a sense of peace. Now, he wants to extend that spiritual care to others.

“Within several days of leaving the hospital, I had the vision to pray for the next person in my room (Room #453)—and to expand prayer coverage over ALL out hospital patients—not only for their physical needs but also the spiritual needs for themselves, their family, their faith, their peace, and their joy,” says Terry.

For questions or to request Rm453 prayer support at Artesia General Hospital, please visit the Rm453 website.

Read more about the inspiration for this ministry.

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Rm 453 Ministry | We're praying for you