The Bone and Joint Destination Center is a program of Artesia General Hospital. Our Destination Center is designed to provide the best possible experience for patients needing total knee or total hip replacements. The Bone and Joint Destination Center offers a complete spectrum of joint care from diagnosis and treatment to education, surgery and recovery.

Our Destination Center is more than just a place for surgery and rehab. It blends the talents of healthcare givers with the needs of our patients into a state-of-the-art system of care.

The Mission of The Bone and Joint Destination Center is to provide quality healthcare focused on restoring and enhancing independent lifestyles for patients with bone and joint disorders.

Bone & Joint Services

What is Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement, also called arthroplasty, is metal alloy and durable plastic implants to resurface damaged bone and cartilage caused by arthritis.

Benefits of Total Joint Replacement

  • Can eliminate or reduce pain
  • May enhance movement and mobility
  • Can improve quality of life
  • Return to normal activity
  • Low-impact sports and activities

When is it Time to Consider Joint Replacement Surgery?

  • Conservative treatments fail to provide relief
  • You have diminished quality of life
  • After discussing options with your orthopedic surgeon

Have Questions about Joint Pain?

We hold frequent seminars on the most common causes as well as the latest treatment options for hip, knee and shoulder pain. You’ll learn the top things you can do for arthritis as well as information on the newest medications and diet and exercise tips. To register call 575-736-8106 or use the form below.

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