• 23 MAR 16

    Women’s Services

    Committed to the special needs of women

    At Artesia General Hospital, we recognize that each woman has her own story to tell and that she deserves an individualized, coordinated plan, designed to improve her health and well-being.  A team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and support staff offers quality preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic care with a holistic approach.  The unique physical, social and emotional concerns of each woman are addressed in a patient and family-centered environment.

    Whether you are undergoing diagnostic testing, managing a chronic illness or recovering from surgery, care team members provide the support and resources to help guide you through the hospital experience and assist you in making informed decisions for you and your family.

    Women’s Services at Artesia General Hospital covers a range of both inpatient and outpatient programs, focused on helping women throughout their lifetime.  We are committed to providing personalized, innovative health care to women through prevention and detection using a wide array of diagnostic services which include bone density testing, advanced digital breast imaging (see Radiology) and gynecological services.

    We realize that your health changes as your age changes and that’s why we provide care for all phases of your life.

    Focused care for women includes:

    • Annual Well Woman Examinations
    • Heart Health Screening
    • Colonoscopy Referral
    • Pelvic Examinations and Annual PAP Testing
    • Contraceptive Counseling
    • Treating Urinary Tract Infections
    • Testing for and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Restoring Menstrual Regularity
    • Treatment of Pelvic Pain
    • Breast Examinations and Mammograms
    • HPV Vaccinations (ages 11-26)
    • Pregnancy Testing
    • Hormone Therapy
    • Menopause Management
    • Bone Density Management

    Women’s Health Services are provided by:

    • Marta Gallegos, MD | 575.234.2008
    • Anna Florez, FNP-C | 575.746.3119
    • Erica Guerrero, FNP-C | 575.746.3119
    • Alexandria Lundell, PA-C | 575.746.3119
    • Erin Miyashiro, DNP | 575.234.2008
    • Bianca Ortega, PA-C | 575.746.4540
    • Terah Maupin Sexton, PA-C | 575.746.3119
    • Jennifer Smoot, FNP-C | 575.746.4540

    Call the corresponding phone numbers to schedule your appointment.

    Memorial Family Practice is open:

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    8 am – 5 pm for appointments
    7 am – 7 pm for Walk-ins
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