What Makes the Bone and Joint Destination Center Different?

Best practice has proven that individuals undergoing joint replacement surgery do significantly better if they see themselves as healthy individuals coming to the hospital not because they are sick or injured but rather because they have hip or knee pain and want a better quality of life.

Patients who have their joint replacement surgeries done at hospitals that partner with their physicians to develop structured programs around this fundamental concept of wellness have better outcomes, quicker recoveries and return home sooner.

Patient Education   |   Group Emphasis   |   Personal Touch


Here’s what makes our program different:

Patient Education

We want you to understand your procedure and what to expect throughout the process. We do this by providing information in a variety of ways:


Our comprehensive guidebooks help explain your upcoming surgery and serve as a clinical diary that you will bring to all appointments and to the hospital. You will receive your guidebook at your pre-operative class.

Pre-Op Class

You and your family members are required to attend a pre-operative class two to four weeks prior to surgery that includes:

  • a tour of the Joint Center
  • a demonstration of pre-op exercises
  • a meeting with the Joint Center care team staff

Daily News

Each morning you will receive a daily newsletter at breakfast informing you of the day’s agenda along with tips for your rehab and recovery and other health information.

Group Emphasis

Our fundamental concept of wellness at the Joint Center focuses on group activities in your recovery process.

Group Lunches

For you, your coach, your care team members and other joint replacement patients, group meals are held in the Joint Center’s Activity Room, located in the orthopedic wing of Artesia General Hospital.


You and your coach will participate in post-op physical and occupational therapy group sessions in the Activity Room.

Ambulation Tracking

You will compete against other patients in distance walked each day. All progress is tracked on a large board posted on the wall to provide visual reinforcement of goals met each day.

Personal Touch

We want to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.

Dedicated Unit

All activities – physical therapy, occupational therapy, group lunches, nursing care—take place in an area dedicated exclusively to joint replacement patients.

Private Rooms

All patient rooms are private and can easily accommodate visitors. Amenities include large bathrooms, in-room refrigerators and flat screen TVs; Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital. Your visitors can eat in our Green Chili Café or in your room by ordering from our menu for a nominal charge.

No Hospital Gowns

You will never wear a hospital gown. You should bring comfortable clothes (sweats, shorts, etc.) to wear during the day.

Advanced Analgesic and Rapid-Recovery Surgical Techniques

Our surgeons are trained in analgesic and minimally invasive surgical techniques that often result in less pain and a quicker recovery for you.

After-Care Support Program

You will receive a call from the Joint Center staff within 72 hours of discharge to check on your progress. You and your coach are invited to attend reunions with surgeons and your entire care team to share your experiences.

Ongoing Support

Your personal coach, usually a family member, is trained to help you during the rehabilitation process and assist you once you are home.

Measured Outcomes

We evaluate each patient on multiple clinical, functional and patient satisfaction criteria, which are analyzed during monthly improvement team meetings. The results help us better serve you.

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