• 03 JUL 18

    Wound Care

    Wound care is more than just a dressing change.

    The Wound Care Center at AGH provides comprehensive care to those suffering from chronic wounds. AGH will customize the most effective treatment plan to stimulate healing and return you to your life as quickly as possible.

    What is a Chronic Wound?

    A chronic wound is a wound that has failed to respond to treatment after four weeks or hasn’t healed completely in two months. The healing process is often affected by underlying conditions such as diabetes, circulation problems or previous treatments. If left untreated, chronic wounds can have serious health consequences that may affect your quality of life.

    Healing Should Be Easy

    Most wounds heal easily within four weeks. However, chronic and complicated wounds may require specialized care.

    The Wound Care Center at Artesia General Hospital provides advanced care and therapy for wounds that are not healing properly.

    Quality Care Close to Home

    A team of physicians and other wound care professionals will evaluate your needs and develop an individualized care plan to deliver high quality clinical outcomes – all close to home.


    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Coming Soon)
    • Advanced Wound Dressings
    • Wound Debridement
    • Infection Control
    • Topical Wound Care
    • Compression Therapy
    • Bio-Engineered Skin Grafting / Flapping
    • Re-Vascularization
    • Diabetic Education
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy (Endocrinology Team)
    • Orthotics
    • AGH Rehabilitation Services

    Patients and their caregivers are given detailed instructions on how to care for the wound at home and how to protect the wound from further injury.

    Once the wound is healed, the medical staff at AGH will work with the patient to develop a plan to help prevent a recurrence of the wound.

    At the wound care center, our team of physicians and wound care nurses work with patients and their primary care doctor to heal chronic wounds and help patients on their road to recover.

    Our team of professionals assess each patient and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. We monitor progress on a weekly basis and change treatment direction as needed to achieve the best outcome and healing for our patients.


    • Wounds that Fail to Show Significant Improvement
    • Wounds Involving Tendons, Ligaments, Bones & Joints
    • Foot Wounds due to Diabetic Complications
    • Arterial and Venous Ulcers
    • Pressure Ulcers including Deep Tissue Injury
    • Non-healing Surgical Wounds
    • Non-healing Traumatic Wounds
    • Wounds Associated with Bone Infections
    • Radiation Skin Injury


    To expedite patient scheduling please provide the following medical information:
    • Referral from a Physician
    • Insurance Information
    • Medical History and Physical
    • Imaging Related to the Wound
    • Recent Lab Work
    • Current List of Medications

    Please call 575.736.8235 to get started.