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    What is Respiratory Therapy?

    What is Respiratory Therapy?

    What is the difference between respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary services? These terms are often used interchangeably, and they are both a part of the services offered at Artesia General Hospital that focus on heart and lung health.

    The cardiopulmonary system consists of two body systems—the cardiovascular and respiratory system and includes the heart, blood vessels, blood, tracheal (neck) and bronchial (chest) airway tubes and lungs. These systems are interdependent and responsible for picking up and carrying oxygen to the cells of the body, as well as transporting and discarding carbon dioxide. The lungs and heart work together to keep your body healthy and oxygenated.

    Artesia General Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory Therapy Services provide care to patients of all ages who experience respiratory difficulties. Our respiratory therapists work as part of a medical team to help diagnose lung and breathing problems, as well as provide treatments and therapy to improve a patient’s health and day-to-day lung function.

    Respiratory Therapy Services Offered:

      • Cardiac Holter Monitors (24 or 48 hours) — Used to help diagnose cardiac arrhythmias
      • Exercise Stress Test — Used to help diagnose cardiac arrhythmias and issues
      • Inpatient/Outpatient EKG — Used to help find any irregular cardiac arrhythmias
      • Nuclear Lexiscan Stress Test — Evaluate the condition of your coronary arteries
      • Overnight Pulse Oximetry — Used to help determine the need for home oxygen and possible sleep disorders
      • Pulmonary Function Testing — Used for diagnosing and monitoring COPD, asthma and restrictive airway diseases

    Whether you have asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, obstructive pulmonary disease or have been exposed to chemicals or irritants, our respiratory therapists are here to help. From diagnosis to innovative treatments and disease management, our care for acute and chronic lung diseases is unmatched in southeast New Mexico.

    Learn more about our Cardiopulmonary Services or call 575.748.3333, Ext. 1581.