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    Help for Chronic Wounds

    Help for Chronic Wounds

    Small or large, wounds take time to heal. Some wounds, like small cuts, can usually heal on their own. More serious wounds, like burns, infections or rashes, may require urgent medical attention. Your overall health may depend on how well you take care of wounds.

    As a general guideline, chronic wounds are wounds that fail to progress through a normal reparative process over three months. All wounds have the potential to become chronic, and factors that may contribute to poor wound healing include diabetes, neuropathy, obesity, peripheral vascular disease, infection and immunosuppression.

    Specialized care can help heal wounds and prevent more complex medical problems. Some strategies used for treating chronic wounds include:

    • Wound dressings (cleansing, covering the wound, ensuring moisture balance).
    • Debridement (e.g., scraping away tissue to allow growth of new tissue).
    • Compression therapy (compression bandage systems).
    • Offloading (protective footwear, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs).
    • Hyperbaric therapy (delivering more oxygen to the wound by breathing 100 percent oxygen in a special chamber).

    Dr. Albert Tuono at Artesia General Hospital specializes in treating hard-to-heal wounds. If you have a stubborn wound that may need extra care, contact Dr. Tuono for an appointment. Here is his information:

    Albert Tuono, DO
    612 North 13th Street
    Suite G
    Artesia, NM