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    • 27 JAN 18
    Father and Son Doctors Treat Patients Like Family

    Father and Son Doctors Treat Patients Like Family

    Artesia General Hospital is fortunate to have a dynamic duo of father and son doctors at our hospital. Marshall Baca Sr. has been an orthopedic surgeon at AGH since 2011. In 2016, his son, Marshall Baca Jr., joined the AGH staff as an emergency room physician. Here are some fun facts about both father and son.


    • Knew from a young age he wanted to be a doctor.
    • Lived in Mexico from age 3 to 12.
    • Started his medical career in pediatrics, inspired after Marshall Jr. was a seven-weeks- early preemie and was in the ICU for weeks.
    • Became drawn to orthopedics and found he loved the opportunity to “become somewhat of an engineer for the human body.”


    • After noticing the long hours his father worked as a doctor, Marshall Jr. first chose to study business in college.
    • Later realized he had a passion for medicine and went back to school to earn his medical degree.
    • Graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso.
    • Says he’s more of a “life planner” than his father, but enjoys the unpredictability of the ER and being a direct communicator with his patients.

    Both doctors are popular with patients and known for being patient-focused, pleasant to work with and dedicated to their professions. They treat their patients, co-workers and other staff with respect, and find joy and purpose inside and outside the walls of the hospital.

    Information provided fromLike Father, Like Son … Sort of” by Staci Guy.