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    • 24 AUG 22
    Employee Spotlight: Jed Johnson

    Employee Spotlight: Jed Johnson

    We’re highlighting the amazing work of our employees and this month we shine the spotlight on Ancillary Services Director, Inpatient Dietitian, and Apartment Coordinator Jed Johnson.

    In his own words

    Name: Jed Johnson
    Positions and Departments: Ancillary (Food, Linen and Environmental) Services Director, Inpatient Dietitian, Apartment Coordinator for visiting and out-of-town physicians
    How long have you worked at Artesia General Hospital? 9.5 Years

    What inspires and motivates you to work in healthcare?
    That regardless of politics, we are a community. It still takes a group of caring people to provide care to those that need it.

    What do you like best or find most rewarding about working at Artesia General Hospital?
    Coworkers, that are friends and the ability to give back to the community. Also, that it is a small rural facility, where your individual actions and creativity can contribute and not be lost in a massive machine that larger hospitals are.

    What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
    Fresh or saltwater fishing, boating, hunting, reading, cooking and I have been known to write a poem or two.

    Where are you originally from?
    Trinidad, Texas

    Other fun facts about Jed:

    • He has been married for 27 years to Christie Johnson, who also works at Artesia General Hospital in Human Resources
    • He is the father of a 19-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter.
    • Jed has worked in healthcare for 22 years.

    In the words of colleagues

    Yesenia Flores, Assistant Director of Ancillary Services

    What is Jed’s main strength?
    Some of Jed’s strengths are his strong work ethic, interpersonal communication and great networking skills.

    How does Jed support other staff at AGH?
    He encourages, respects and challenges everyone to always do and give the best of themselves.

    Do you have a story or an example about how Jed goes above and beyond for coworkers?
    Jed is a natural leader. He takes responsibility for his team. If someone needs help or makes a mistake, Jed is there to teach and resolve the issue in a positive way.

    What do you like about working with Jed?
    His transparency!

    What three words would you use to describe Jed?
    Leader, inspirational, successful

    Physician Casey Dellabarca, MD calls Jed’s cafeteria “the best place to eat in Artesia!”