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    • 22 MAR 22
    Scholarship Testimonials

    Scholarship Testimonials

    Artesia General Hospital Foundation provides scholarships to hospital employees who are pursuing continuing education to advance their professional goals and the work of the hospital. Past recipients have included employees studying for degrees in Nursing (Masters, Bachelors and Associates), Family Nurse Practitioner, Imaging Science, Business Administration and more.

    Since its inception, Artesia General Hospital Foundation and the Joe Schiel Scholarship Fund have proudly provided more than $60,000 in scholarships to employees. Two recipients share their story and gratitude for the scholarship.

    “I was fortunate to receive the Joe Schiel Scholarship for four semesters while attending graduate school and obtaining my Family Nurse Practitioner certification. With the scholarship, I was able to buy books for each semester and had some money left over to contribute to the repayment of my student loans. I have known Joe Schiel since being a student of his starting in 2000 in an Honors Anatomy and Physiology class and later as a Nurse Aid student my senior year. He has continued to follow my career path with genuine interest and remained a mentor and friend throughout my healthcare career.”

    Rochelle N. McIntire, FNP-C
    Wound Care

    “The healthcare industry is transforming to unprecedented lengths, and technological or conceptual advancement influences all tenets and aspects of the system, such as clinical and administrative. Thus, the tools to survive and thrive in the healthcare evolution are necessary. One example is to expand professional knowledge and develop more skills through education. However, pursuing education comes with challenges like the high costs and support from family or the workplace.

    Therefore, the assistance from Artesia General Hospital Foundation awarded through the Joe Schiel Scholarship Fund is inspiring. A healthcare facility that institutes initiatives like monetary incentives cultivates a workplace culture that emphasizes the importance of education. The program also influences recipients to portray a philanthropic attitude of giving back to the healthcare community. Indeed, the Foundation has helped lessen the financial burden—and most significantly, the scholarship program motivates employees, such as myself, to achieve educational goals and contribute to the healthcare organization’s endeavors.”

    Gene Queen U. Castro
    Point of Care Coordinator
    Laboratory Quality Coordinator

    To support scholarships and the future of healthcare in our community, make a gift to Artesia General Hospital Foundation.