• 23 MAR 16

    Geriatric Psychiatry

    The Geriatric Psychiatry Unit at AGH offers individualized care in a warm, supportive atmosphere.  The Unit is designed to meet the needs of adults 50 and older, suffering from behavioral health issues, persistent personality changes, or unusual behaviors.

    Older Adults can become overwhelmed as they experience the loss of loved ones, their independence, and the stresses that go along with losing physical and mental abilities.  This can lead to depression, confusion, mood swings or other behavioral changes.

    Our team of caring clinicians understands the challenges of aging and will develop individualized care plans that best meets the needs of the patient.  Care plans will include evaluation and treatment with the appropriate physician, nursing and social worker evaluations, along with therapy, enriching activities and family support.

    Prior to discharge, our staff will create an individualized discharge care plan, based on the patient’s functional and cognitive abilities, a safety assessment and a safety plan.  The purpose of the safety plan is to ensure each patient has the support needed to complete day-to-day tasks and successfully sustain themselves upon returning home.  We will identify areas where the patient needs additional support such as taking medication or preparing food.

    Situations that may require intensive treatment may include:

    • Individual is prone to harm themselves or others.
    • There is a serious deterioration in the individual’s ability to take their medicines as prescribed, to sleep at night or to otherwise care for themselves.
    • Outpatient treatment is not improving the individual’s behaviors.
    • Individual requires medication adjustments under 24-hour medical supervision.
    • Individual is severely depressed, agitated, anxious, aggressive or hallucinating.
    • Individual is experiencing significant changes in mood or personality.

    Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day.

    For more information or a free confidential assessment, call 575-736-8175 or 1-877-246-4074.

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