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    • 13 MAY 18
    Health Checklist for Women

    Health Checklist for Women

    Are you up to date on the screening tests you need for your health? Health screening tests help you stay healthy and find problems early so you can take action. It’s important to make your health a priority and schedule a routine exam or well visit.

    Your provider may recommend screening tests for you based on your age and health history. The following checklist is a general guide, and your provider may suggest you have these tests done at the time that’s right for you.


    • Blood pressure screening – starting at age 18
    • Body mass index measurement – with every routine exam
    • Bone mineral density test – at age 65, or earlier if you’re at risk for osteoporosis
    • Cholesterol screening – starting at age 20 if you’re at increased risk for for heart disease
    • Colon cancer screening – starting at age 50
    • Dental exam – regular visits (ask your dentist about frequency)
    • Diabetes screening – ask your doctor
    • Eye exam – starting at age 40 for adults who don’t have vision problems, diabetes, or other risk factors (ask your doctor about frequency)
    • Hearing test – if you have difficulty hearing
    • Immunizations – flu shot every year and other vaccines depending on your age
    • Mammograms and breast exams – ask your doctor
    • Pap tests and pelvic exams – starting at age 21
    • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening – ask your doctor



    Ask your provider how often you should have preventive health checkups. You may also want to check with your health insurance provider to find out what tests and services your plan covers.

    Don’t have a primary care provider? See our list of amazing providers.


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