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    • 27 JUL 21
    Back-to-School Health Checklist: Is Your Child Prepared?

    Back-to-School Health Checklist: Is Your Child Prepared?

    A new backpack, shoes and supplies may be on your back-to-school checklist—but have you included your child’s health and wellness? Artesia General Hospital can help you prepare your child and family for the upcoming school year with these 5 tips for a healthy start.

    Allergy Awareness

    Talk to teachers and complete documentation on your child’s needs, ranging from pollen to food allergies. If your child has a life-threatening food allergy, make sure school staff know how to administer injectable epinephrin. Refill emergency inhalers, insulin and any other emergency medications your child might need at school.

    Checkup or School Physical

    Students entering kindergarten or a new school often need a school physical. For all other children, we recommend an annual visit to evaluate their wellness, keep up with their growth and development, and address health concerns. Let the first day of school be your reminder to schedule your child’s annual checkup with your family provider or pediatrician. Don’t have a primary care provider? Call Memorial Family Practice at Artesia General Hospital at 575.746.3199 to set up an appointment with our pediatrician, JoAnn B, Couch, MD, or one of our other family medicine providers, for your child’s annual visit or school physical.

    Immunizations & Flu Shots

    Your child’s school can provide a list of required vaccinations or necessary immunizations. Call your child’s primary care provider to get a copy of your child’s immunization records or schedule needed vaccinations. In addition, we recommend that children 6 months and older get an annual flu shot.

    Sports Physicals

    Get ahead of the busy extracurricular calendar by scheduling a sports physical. Contact Memorial Family Practice or Carlsbad Family Practice to set up an appointment with one of our Family Practice Providers.

    Zzzz… Sleep Schedule

    Summer days often mean less rigid schedules, so you may need to ease kids into an earlier bedtime and wake-up time. To make this manageable, adjust by just 5 or 10 minutes each day to get back on track for the first day of school. “Good rest contributes to a child’s ability to learn and concentrate in addition to their happiness—all of which children need for a successful school year,” says JoAnn B. Couch, MD, pediatrician at Artesia General Hospital.

    Find a Family Medicine Provider

    To find a family medicine provider at Artesia General Hospital, please visit our staff page or contact Memorial Family Practice or Carlsbad Family Practice. You can also schedule an appointment online with our pediatrician.

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