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    • 27 OCT 21
    Advanced Radiology Tools

    Advanced Radiology Tools

    Exciting Advancements Coming to Radiology

    Medical imaging brings some of the most powerful tools to the table for physicians and technologists, helping them see what’s going on inside patients’ bodies and allowing quick and accurate diagnosis. Below are just a few examples of how Artesia General Hospital is using advanced radiology tools to improve patient outcomes—both with our existing point-of-care ultrasound, and with new advancements in X-ray and CT (computed tomography).

    Point-of-care Ultrasound in the ER (available now). Early in the pandemic, ER doctors at Artesia General Hospital learned that a prompt emergency room ultrasound scan of patient’s lungs could give a quick, definitive measure of the severity of COVID pneumonia. The addition of point-of-care ultrasound to our ER has allowed our doctors to gain early insight to the severity of patients’ illness and make the best care plans for them.

    Digital X-ray Imaging for Orthopedics (coming soon). The more clearly orthopedic providers can see a patient’s joints, the better care they can give. The planning process has begun to secure new digital X-ray imaging equipment for the team of orthopedists at Artesia General Hospital. The new equipment will allow for quick, detailed studies, while simultaneously reducing patient exposure to X-rays. The large detector also allows for an expanded, continuous field of view. Higher definition X-rays with lower X-ray exposure is a win for the doctor and a win for the patient, too!

    CT Scan for Diagnostics (scheduled for early 2022). Plans are also underway for a major upgrade of the CT scanner in the Radiology Department at Artesia General Hospital! When the new, cutting-edge equipment is in place, studies will be faster with superior image quality.

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