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    • 08 MAY 20

    Surgical Guide for Patients

    Even though we’ve made some changes, our commitment is the same.

    At Artesia General Hospital, we have always been committed to providing effective, compassionate and safe patient care. We want to be your destination for health and your partner for life—and in these extraordinary times, we especially want you to know you will be safe.

    To get ready to resume elective surgeries, Artesia General Hospital has developed and put into place a plan that meets or exceeds the guidelines put forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the American College of Surgeons, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses and the American Hospital Association. We are following best practices for patient safety as we move forward.

    Some of these extra measures will be easily seen, while others will be more subtle; some will even be invisible to you. All of them have been taken to ensure your safety, and the safety of others in our community.

    Some changes you will see:
    Right away, you will notice some obvious changes. We’ve limited public entrances and access, and have eliminated unnecessary foot traffic. Our usual hospital visitation hours have also been temporarily suspended. Finally, you will notice that all hospital employees will be wearing masks and other appropriate protective equipment at all times.
    Some changes you may see:
    We’ve also made some changes that might be a little less obvious. First, we’ve established different areas, barriers and routes through the hospital to physically separate those who might have COVID-19 from those who do not. Crossover is sharply limited to minimize cross contamination, and we’ve increased the frequency of our surface disinfection. We’ve also increased the space between patient beds to ensure physical distancing.
    Some changes you won’t see:
    Some of the most important changes we’ve implemented are ones you won’t actually see. For example, we’re regularly testing (and re-testing) all operating room staff for COVID-19. All staff perform temperature and symptom checks twice daily. Even airflow patterns within the hospital have been realigned to minimize cross contamination.

    We’re keeping you safe throughout your procedure.

    If you are scheduled to have surgery, you will be tested for COVID-19 several days before your procedure. After your test, but before your surgery, you will need to self-isolate. This means no travel, no visitors from outside the household and no outside errands. While this may seem strict, it is to prevent you from acquiring COVID-19 after your test. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness during this period, contact your surgical care team immediately. This helps protect you, our other patients and our staff.

    On the day of surgery, you will be asked to wait in your vehicle before coming into the hospital. As the time for your surgery nears, a care team member will do a brief COVID-19 screening with you, you will be given a mask to wear, and you will be escorted into the building. You’ll go in through a special entry near the northwest corner of the hospital, designated for outpatient surgeries only; directions are available later in this guide. Anyone accompanying you will need to wait outside in order to limit potential contamination; they will periodically receive updates from a member of our surgical care team as your care progresses. After your surgery is complete and you have recovered sufficiently, a member of the care team will use a wheelchair to transport you to your vehicle for your ride home.

    Your doctor will give you instructions for things you must do to be ready for your scheduled surgery. Pay attention to any time-sensitive pre-operative testing, such as your COVID-19 test, and follow all instructions very carefully. If there is anything you don’t understand or find confusing, please ask a member of your care team for help. It is important that you understand your instructions so you can fully participate in your own care.

    Getting to Your Appointment

    View detailed instructions for how to access the Northeast Parking Lot on Artesia General Hospital’s main campus.

    Our Commitment to You

    The team at Artesia General Hospital wants to re-emphasize our commitment, now and always, to care for you with the utmost compassion and safety. If you have any questions, please contact your care team or call 575.736.8342.

    Download the Guide

    Artesia General Hospital Surgical Guide for Patients