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    Artesia General Hospital Welcomes New Podiatrist

    Artesia General Hospital Welcomes New Podiatrist

    Artesia General Hospital is pleased to welcome Joseph Michael Krupa, DPM, to our podiatry team. Dr. Krupa joins Joseph Marino, DPM, to care for conditions of the foot, ankle and lower leg—through surgical and non-surgical treatments.

    Dr. Krupa completed his undergraduate studies at Indiana University and earned his medical degree from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Most recently, he served as Chief Podiatry Resident at St. Barnabas Hospital, a level-two trauma center in New York City. He specializes in podiatry, foot and ankle surgery, lower extremity trauma and wound care—and has extensive experience in Orthopedics.

    “To accomplish the best care for patients, I believe in the value of a truly multidisciplinary approach,” says Krupa. Join us in welcoming him to New Mexico and our Artesia General Hospital community!

    “It’s great to have Dr. Krupa on board and we look forward to bringing the very best podiatric care to our patients,” says Marino.

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    Learn more about Dr. Krupa and his experience:

    When did you choose a career in medicine and what drew you to the specialty of podiatry?
    My father was a pharmacist, so I have fond memories of visiting the hospital. This led me to decide very early on that I wanted to go into medicine—particularly something surgical because I liked being hands-on. In college, I decided on podiatry when I found out it upfront guaranteed surgical training in exchange for committing to a specialty out of undergrad.

    What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned during residency either from a mentor or from experience?
    My residency was in a rough neighborhood. I cared for all kinds of people under varying circumstances. Most patients came at their worst times. People didn’t come because they were A-okay and worry-free. They came because they had fallen 10 stories, crashed cars or had other serious problems. Accordingly, patient moods and attitudes could be difficult to handle at one point or another. It taught me not to take things too personally in the heat of the moment. Instead I helped patients focus on positives while getting them better physically and mentally no matter how difficult or lengthy the care.

    What is your philosophy of care for patients?
    I believe in enabling patients to make the best choices for them to keep living life. I’m not there to unilaterally push decisions or force impractical medical views upon them. I strive for what is best for the patient from their standpoint, not what looks good on paper or an x-ray.

    What inspires and motivates you to work in healthcare?
    Patient outcomes are what really keep me going because there isn’t anything else like positively influencing someone’s health well into the future. Working in healthcare has let me save people from being crippled, recover from cancer and achieve pain-free mobility.

    What are you most looking forward to in your work at Artesia General Hospital?
    I’m very excited about the outstanding facilities and ample support that physicians receive from the hospital. Everyone here has given me such a warm welcome. I imagine the environment will facilitate me in providing better care than ever before.

    What three words would you use to describe yourself?
    Witty, practical and modest

    What do you like to do in your free time?
    Fishing, hiking, tinkering and watching movies