• 09 JUL 18
    It’s All About Mental Health, Not Mental Illness

    It’s All About Mental Health, Not Mental Illness

    Inpatient Mental Healthcare Services for Adults

    Artesia General Hospital’s inpatient mental healthcare program provides intensive psychiatric care designed to stabilize a patient’s immediate crisis while providing the patient and family with skills to help prevent or minimize future events while focusing on quality of life.

    Situations that may require inpatient treatment include:

    • Suicidal or homicidal thoughts or attempts
    • Anxiety and adjustment disorders
    • Major depression
    • Hallucinations
    • Erratic mood swings
    • Significant changes in mood or personality
    • Medication management or adjustments
    • Dementia requiring behavioral stabilization

    With proper medical attention and emotional support, most behavioral health issues can be successfully treated. For more information about the Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit at AGH, please call 575.736.8175 or visit artesiageneral.com.